not only software, but solutions to look to the future

UP Solutions has a long experience, both nationally and internationally, in the development of IT solutions designed specifically to accelerate the business and improve the company's production system in all its phases. A complete range of SW solutions and services to support you in the migration of your company to the industry 4.0

Productivity Solutions

Thanks to our long experience in the IT field and to the constant presence and management of projects at national and international level, we are now able to offer increasingly high-performance solutions to improve production efficiency.

Born with a significant focus on Textile, over the years we have grown and transferred the experience gained to other industrial sectors, thus extending the potential of our suite of products and services dedicated to businesses.

Range of Applications

The just MES csuite includes everything you need to speed up your business and keep your production monitored in real time: just plm, just monitoring, just planning, just quality control are the 4 SW that make up the complete suite.

An extremely complete and flexible solution, designed to let you compete in today's markets, where Industry 4.0 is already a reality.


Our offer includes:

IT and strategic consultancy for all project and development phases.

Worldwide installation through the network of selected subsidiaries and partners with whom we work on a daily basis.

Support and assistance to ensure the continuity of your work even in non-invasive way, through remote monitoring and maintenance.

Ensuring continuity and a high standard of service is our mission.
Our services are continuously studied and perfected to make your workflow and productivity stable.


just MES is our suite of SW and solutions designed for modern needs and for those who want to increase the productivity of their company. A complete range of products to improve and control the entire production process.