Up Solutions presented Just MES in Iran!

Up Solutions presented Just MES in Iran!
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Up Solutions presented Just MES in Iran!
During the last weeks Up Solutions took part to a scouting mission in Iran in order to explore the business opportunities offered by the country. The international company IWS organized some meetings with political, institutional and commercial representatives: a fruitful dialogue started with them.
Relations between Italy and Iran have always been very strong: many Iranian professionals speak Italian and come to study in our country.
Our meeting and rendez-vous series passed from Tabriz, big city situated in the North of the country, Teheran, the laical and liberal capital that already hosts copious international entrepreneurs, Qazvin, administrative center of the Western region with the same name.
Up Solutions, as proponent of PA Group, participated with great success to assemblies with mayors and governors, conferences in Chamber of Commerce and “one-to-one” meetings with factories and firms.