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A unique operator is born in the Italian panorama of integrated solutions of infrastructures, platforms and ICT services


The shareholders of Partners Associates S.p.A., the parent company of PA Group, signed an agreement on 22 October last for the 100% sale to Retelit Digital Services S.p.A. (“Retelit Digital Services”) of the Retelit Group, a company listed on the STAR segment of the MTA market of the Italian Stock Exchange and one of the main Italian operators of data services and infrastructures.


The operation is aimed at creating a substantial and strategic partnership between the two companies, whose synergy will provide their customers with a point of reference capable of providing services, products and solutions at 360-degree to cover all needs in ICT and Digital, with an optimization of costs, with a view to continuity and strengthening the strength of the Group.


This operation leads to the creation of a leading Italian ICT integrated services operator, well diversified between infrastructure and value-added services (about 53% infrastructure and 47% services), relying on the offer and expertise of two perfectly complementary realities. The uniqueness of the new entity lies in being able to cover natively, i.e. on its own platform, the entire value chain of ICT services.


In addition to being able to count on its own infrastructure, the solutions that the new company can offer will be transversal for several sectors, such as Cybersecurity, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, CRM, ERP, MES, Digital Marketing, Data Center, among others, but also vertical for individual markets, from Healthcare to Automotive, Textile/Clothing, Retail, Finance and services for the Public Administration.


The operation represents a fundamental element for the growth of PA Group’s offering, which will thus be able to enrich its portfolio with a proprietary infrastructure with high added value, further consolidating the link with the companies with which we operate in order to offer them the possibility of having a 360-degree service. I am personally excited to be part of an ICT group as strategic as the Retelit Group, also in view of the strong stimuli and significant opportunities that Retelit will offer to PA Group and all its employees for professional and personal growth” – says Ennio Baracetti, President of PA Group.