"Up Solutions’ team is always with us with the constant goal to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the system"

Marco Fazzini - Company Director



Fazzini was founded in 1976 by a group of people that had lived and breathed textiles for generations, since the early 20th century. The company is specialized in household linens, sheets, bedding and other textile products for domestic use. The firm’s growth and expansion was a result of the ability to align business operations (in terms of reliability, response and service capabilities, and guaranteed, certified production), a dedicated relationship to the local industrial district, a commitment to 100% Italian-made products, and a long tradition of industrial efficiency. For the past 20 years Maria Alberta Zibetti, the wife of the company’s founder Stefano Fazzini, has been producing inspired designs of contemporary, on-trend home textile collections, thanks to her family background in the fine art of embroidery. It’s a winning formula that has established Fazzini as a leading player on the Italian textile manufacturing market. The company now has a concept store with 50 wall displays, and is serving more than 700 Italian customers. Along with its success in the challenging Italian market, Fazzini has also become a prime export partner, offering guaranteed quality and the authentic embodiment of Italian style and charm

Fazzini Home is a symbol of carefully crafted products and “Made in Italy” excellence

Fazzini Home is a converter company strictly focused on ‘Made in Italy’. The management of design and production are entrusted only to third parties or raw material suppliers within the same region. This close collaboration ensures only the highest quality end products. The tight network of third parties and suppliers within the textile district located in the north of Milan represents a forward-looking model in terms of flexibility, quality, and efficiency that perfectly integrates with the manufacturing traditions of the company. This model allows Fazzini to supply 100% ‘Made in Italy’ products. Over the years Fazzini has built its brand on the value of two distinct features - high quality products and manufacturing excellence. Furthermore, through the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, leadership’s passion for challenges, and excellent marketing, Fazzini has become a simple and smart firm. The results speak for themselves: in the last few years Fazzini has doubled its number of employees while maintaining the feel of a small, family-owned business. A major turning point came in 2014, when Fazzini acquired the licensing for La Perla Home, allowing for the expansion into foreign markets and into the luxury space. Starting from that moment, the firm made the commitment to produce the same high-end products, tailored to the specific tastes of the destination country.

Actual advantages and future perspectives for Fazzini Home

With this acquisition, within Fazzini Home, the need to have a common tool as a basis on which to deal within the group of people who manage the company becomes strong and necessary. To enable the possibility to communicate on a univocal basis within this team the management chooses just plm, a software developed by Up Solutions. This tool is able, among other things, to generate and contain technical datasheets with product specifications that include indications suitable for defining them in a universal way. This solution, dedicated to Product Lifecycle Management and part of the wider just MES suite, is without a doubt the heart of reference for the different corporate figures -also very heterogeneous- who work on new products’ development and implementation. Just think of garment makers, cutters, marketing staff, sales agents, managers and retailers with whom Fazzini carries out its projects. All these people are now able to compare themselves using a single reference and a single system for the management of technical data, finished products and materials. Product sheets -previously managed on Excel files not shared and difficult to update- no longer need to be printed on paper, as they’re now accessible by all in a clear and unambiguous way on the company server. just plm is also able to intertwine data from multiple sources, creating a single database: in this specific case, after due implementation, the software is perfectly integrated with Fazzini Home internal management system, interacting and exchanging data with it on a real-time basis. The last step, recently carried out, was able to give an even greater advantage to the company, since Up Solutions' staff ensured the beginning of communication software/cost cards since the product's design launching.

Fazzini Home praises Up Solutions’ competence and expertise

According to the leadership at Fazzini Home, a very positive relationship has been built with Up Solutions due to their flexibility and responsiveness.

“Up Solutions’ team is always with us, ready to offer their services, even with extra modules according to our needs, with the constant goal to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the system. I really appreciate this collaboration, the capability to solve every kind of problem that could happen and the will to improve continually: it’s all incredibly precious”

said Marco Fazzini, Company Director.

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