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Founded in 1973 as a subsidiary of the Sabancı Holding Group, Kordsa Global is the world leader in reinforcing materials for the tyre, composite and construction industries. Over the years, Kordsa has become the market leader in Turkey and has built up a wealth of expertise, strengthening itself not only through these two factors, but also through its strategic approach to the tyre reinforcement market. With 4,000 employees, headquarters in Turkey, offices and subsidiaries in Germany, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and the United States, Kordsa is universally recognized worldwide as "The Reinforcer" due to its technology and market leadership, strong global focus and 43 years of experience. Kordsa Global provides high quality services and complete solutions with a high level of technical expertise. The company's focus is to "advance with innovative added value" through continuous investment in its customers, shareholders and employees.

KORDSA starts moving towards a revolutionary global project

The year was 2012 when Kordsa decided to move towards the creation of a Global Shopfloor Project. The multinational corporation met Up Solutions, producer of the “just monitoring” solution. Kordsa made benchmark, appreciated the solutions capabilities and after evaluations and analysis decided to work with the Italian company on this project. Starting from the implementation of standard data collection, data monitoring and consolidation systems, M2M big data and business analytics, the company decided to install the latest technology products like PLC’s, Industrial PC’s, Industrial LCD Tv’s and mobile devices inside the production area. Final goals were operations excellence and modernization & digitalization of TCF production areas and processes. During the design phase the project team worked on a “machine to machine” communication model and on the “Internet of things” (IoT) and realized drawings which supposed the installation of technology into the production areas. Once completed HW installations, just monitoring was then implemented with a global team on 5 continents and 6 countries for a total of 602 connected machines and 42500 connected spindles split in 18 different machine groups. In total there are currently 37 LCD Tv and 471 Industrial PC generating every day 6 million row data then consolidated in Big Data. Starting from the actual and historical production data and making a spindle base analysis Kordsa obtains performance graphs whıch highlight stoppages and related reasons, response times and efficiencies. Comparing “Actual & Estimated” quantities while taking into consideration product information, the company gets Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and can improve efficiency.

Current advantages and future prospects for Kordsa Global

If previously operators were leaving notes on the machines for stoppages, now digitalized industrial PC’s take place and display the stoppages directly taken from machine PLC’s. Simultaneously many different hardcopy forms and reports were eliminated and moved to digitalized platforms. Drawings continue turning into reality: all production related information are displayed on each machine automatically and production portal dashboards bring all applications in one single platform for all users.

“Production supervisors are able to display the whole status of spindles on TCF production area by Shopfloor System. Looking the actual spindle report a production supervisor is able to define which spindles are not working and analizes the reasons. In this way he can easily manage his job, more spindles are running and Kordsa is producing more. At the same time production engineers are able to follow up machines performances by department (speed, style, efficiency, etc.). Having visibility on actual machine’s status report and tracing performances of his area a production engineer can easily manage his job: efficiency is increasing and Kordsa is producing more fabric”

says Gökçe Özarar, global IT specialist and project team member. Global KPI’s can now be traced by site leaders on a consolidated reports platform, maximizing the traceability of the production area; just monitoring web based modules allow to reach information from any mobile device at any place. In this way shift supervisors, maintenance supervisors, production engineers and production managers display different kind of automatically generated reports.

Kordsa Global appraises Up Solutions competence and expertise

“We first started with Turkey and then we travelled all around the world together: Egypt, Brasil, USA, Indonesia, Thailand. We have visited some of these countries more than once. Up Solutions consultants are very professionals on their job and they help us perfectly to realize our dreams at the production area. By this project we have digitalized our manufacturing plants and this system became one of the base level of our way to Industry 4.0. Up Solutions team is always with us for the maintenance and we are still increasing the effectiveness of our system together: I really appreciate their great efforts”

says Fatih Akar, Fatih Akar, Global IT Manager at Kordsa.

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