“Up Solutions is able to guarantee efficiency and flexibility. They are not only suppliers but capable consultants”

Antonio Pozzi - President



Founded in 1951 in Como, Roncoroni is a leading company in the paper industry that -over the years- has focused its production on special laminates for the packaging and insulation industry. The driving force of the company lies in its incessant desire for experimentation and research into applications and solutions, increasingly performing and supported by constant attention to technological development, which have led Roncoroni towards innovative techniques dedicated to the lamination and coating of a wide range of materials. Extrusion-coating (polythene coating), paraffin and coating, with vinyl or solvent-free glues and VCI powders, are the kind of procedures that allow Roncoroni to process and laminate paper, cardboard, aluminium foil and plastic films (PET, PP, BOPP, LDPE and HDPE), The aim is to produce high quality materials that can be used in sectors like packaging (industrial, metal and food) and insulation, overseas transport, automotive, medical, bookbinding and textiles. Thanks to just MES software, supplied by Up Solutions, the company has significantly improved its production and management performance.

"My goal is to create a united team, able to establishing a bond of trust with customers who seek not only the efficiency of our products but also a human and responsible management"

said Antonio Pozzi, Company Owner since year 2000.

Roncoroni S.p.A.: solutions that respond to market needs

There are many market needs fully satisfied by Roncoroni solutions, always ready to meet its customers' demands, thanks to a large structure of 8500 m2 equipped with a fleet of machines suitable for any type of processing. A great deal of attention is paid to industrial packaging, with applications that are not extremely linked to a type of packaged or handled product, but can be adapted to various conditions of use: polythene-coated paper, paper coupled with aluminium, grey or havana cardboard polythene-coated on one or both sides with LDPE or PP, polythene-coated or laminated liners, corrugated-barrier sandwiches and boxes are just some of the many solutions proposed by Roncoroni. The production of laminates capable of meeting the requirements of the thermal insulation sector, such as water vapor permeability control, gas-tight properties, light barrier, resistance to mechanical stress and high temperatures, is of great impact. Metals' packaging and protection is one of the most consolidated fields of application during company's activity, as well as packaging for detergents, automotive and food sectors. Green and eco-friendly packaging products are also very successful, in line with European and international standards and trends.

Roncoroni S.p.A. meets Up Solutions and transforms its business organization

In 2000 the company was taken over by Antonio Pozzi and, in 2012, the collaboration between Roncoroni and Up Solutions began.

"We needed to improve the data collection system and, for this reason, we turned to Up Solutions - says Antonio Pozzi - starting a fruitful collaboration that has changed the company."

To face the challenges brought by “Industry 4.0” revolution, the relationship between the two companies is strengthened and Up Solutions introduces two software, just monitoring and just planning, which will prove to be valuable allies for Roncoroni’s organizational and productive structure.

“Digitization has affected all company departments - confirms Claudio Lisanti, Quality Manager at Roncoroni - and this has significantly improved our production. The data collection was fundamental as well as the introduction of all the processes that allowed the machines to communicate with each other. With Up Solutions' help we were able to digitize the production line and the return of data by creating an immediate and effective connection between all departments: this allows us to plan production activities, warehouse management and all company reporting. From a logistical point of view, it was a huge step forward.”

Current advantages and future perspectives for Roncoroni S.p.A.

The efficient company production and the cooperation with Up Solutions have improved Roncoroni in a decisive way, favouring a growing turnover and a positioning on the international market able to embrace all European countries, Australia, South Africa and South America. Progressive digitization has increased productivity and it is on the basis of this important data that future business strategies are developed.

“Our fleet of machines works on nine production lines: our objective is to digitize all of them, in order to lighten the manual skills of the production operators and give them the opportunity to focus more on products' quality. Another significant step will be the optimization of the information, that means the creation of a system able to allocate to each department only the needed data at the appropriate time. All this will favour a faster and more effective production”

confirms Antonio Pozzi.

Roncoroni S.p.A. appreciates Up Solutions' competence

The relationship between Roncoroni and Up Solutions has been decisive in improving the company's performance and the introduction of the just monitoring and just planning software has speeded up and increased the efficiency of the management and manufacturing scenario.

“Up Solutions is able to ensure efficiency and flexibility - says Antonio Pozzi - thery are not only service providers but also consultants capable of meeting the multiple needs that a company in continuous expansion, like ours, requires”.

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