just plm: free your mind and focus on the important things

just plm increases the efficiency of your business by automating, along the entire production chain, the processes of collecting and managing information.
Thanks to its features, it is able to optimize the collaboration between different production areas and with suppliers, as well as simplify the commercial management during the budgeting and forecasting phases.

  • Studio di fattibilità

    Feasibility study

    When information is scattered, the company does not have the ability to determine with certainty the success of a project. just plm allows you to have the data needed to make decisions about the feasibility of a new product in a short time.

  • Collaborazione

    Project management and collaboration

    Allows visibility on projects involving multiple actors in the same organization. Facilitates cooperation and communication between distributed users: research & development, purchasing office, production centers, logistics and marketing offices.

  • Flessibilità


    It manages products' evolution: sizes, colours, costs, measures, instructions, revisions... It collects the technical data of the product and of the production keeping changes under control.

  • Gestione del prodotto

    Product data management

    It securely organizes, classifies and manages product data at all levels, from raw materials to semi-finished products, including unstructured data such as the design and concept of the elements. All necessary information is stored in the system.

  • Massimizzazione dei margini

    Maximizing margins

    Without an accurate control system, costs can be altered and impact on profits. just plm allows automatic and parameterizable cost simulations, even in currency, based on BOMs and cycles.

  • Accessibilità e tracciabilità

    Accessibility and traceability

    Market trends, collection history and sales data are all available within just plm, offering an optimal ability to predict future developments.

Key features

  • Acquisition and management of images in various formats of fabrics, accessories, models
  • Free format sections for instructions and observations on machining and production
  • Management of groups of components to be reused (packaging, collars, pins, labels)
  • Open database, integrable with any ERP
  • Easily customizable by the end user

key advantages

  • Integration of each data type into a single database
  • Integration with management and production systems
  • Web Accessibility and Interoperability
  • Total autonomous customization of print formats, presentation…
  • Multi-language also at the level of individual fields; multi-company.
  • Management of warehouses for samples, finished or semi-finished products
  • Management of additional dimensions such as lot, lot, bathroom; with functions of insertion, cancellation, visualization, printing, withdrawal.

Microsoft ready

just plm, like the rest of the suite, has been developed on Microsoft technology, the most widespread in businesses.

This means that all implementations and customizations within the company infrastructure are extremely simple and compatibility with other systems guaranteed.

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