Soluzioni IT per migliorare la produttività

One for each need

thanks to our high expertise in the textile world and the technological flexibility of our solutions, we are now able to offer concrete and tangible answers in the IT and business development at national and international level.

Textile & Technical Textiles

Our company and our products were created exactly for these industries, on which we have developed a strong know-how and which we still follow along the entire supply chain. In this area we offer solutions for: developing new products, planning and collecting production data, checking the quality of the finished product.

Our staff - present at national and international level - and our strategic partners support our customers on a daily basis with installation, configuration, maintenance and implementation of on-demand solutions.

A complete range of services and suite of products, able to efficiently follow the entire production cycle improving profitability, reducing waste, monitoring in real time production and quality data and reducing costs and time to market.

Our SW solutions for the Textile market

Fashion & Apparel

Connected to the Textile system, but at the same time sophisticated and with unique business dynamics, the Fashion & Apparel industry is constantly evolving.

Italian fashion competes and excels all over the world and the times dictated by the annual collections make decisive, for the success of a company, the times dedicated to production and marketing.

Choosing a key partner who can provide the right answers and has the right skills is critical. As for Textiles, our experience in Fashion and Clothing is the pillar for the development and monitoring of the entire supply chain.

The key to the success of our solutions is automation, which, once fine-tuned, regularises all the processes along the supply chain, leaving you more time for creativity and for marketing your products.

Our SW solutions for the Fashion & Apparel market


Today our solutions are mature and ready for new challenges.
It is therefore no coincidence that the market itself, thanks to the spread of our products, became interested in them. Expanding our field of competence was a natural gesture, also dictated by the fact that flexibility has always been an integral and prevalent part of our way of working.

New developments are thus created, making our products suitable for a wide range of markets. The IoT, connected to our solutions already developed in the cloud, has made the manufacturing companies -that are more inclined towards the concept of Industry 4.0- interested in this topic.

In the last few years, we have established collaborations with new customers, with whom we began to develope projects that go beyond the concept of customer/supplier, establishing a partnership really profitable and constructive for both.

Our SW solutions for the Industrial sector

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