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just MES is the solution designed for your Smart Industry.

just MES has been designed to meet the specific needs of the manufacturing sector through functionalities for new products’ development, for production planning and for manufacturing cycles’ monitoring and control.
All systems are configurable and customizable and are able to adapt to the complexity and variety of processes present throughout the manufacturing sector.

Integrated and ready to Cloud

The information is entered only once and in a single database. Everything is fully integrated and also available in a Cloud.


Traceability is essential to react quickly and efficiently. just MES allows companies to analyze every step of the production chain to find the origin of problems, if also linked to defective raw materials.

Time to Market

"Time to Market" is the time that passes from the conception of the product to its availability on the market. just MES reduces this time interval as much as possible and does so avoiding the risk of errors being made.

Return On Investment

Return on investment (R.O.I.) The return on investment is certainly one of the most important business parameters. In this perspective, through just MES, a company achieves better results in a faster and directly measurable way.

Complexity Management

The network of activities built around a company is really complex and distributed. Product specifications are extremely elaborate, delivery times for materials are very long and delivery times for finished products are getting shorter and shorter: just MES helps to manage this difficult system.

Efficiency and margin increase

just MES produces a wide range of reports, graphs and analyses to guide efficiency to the maximum throughout the production chain. Moreover, it provides accurate information on costs and prices, simulating in real time multiple business scenarios.

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