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just monitoring: maintaining control to reduce inefficiencies

just monitoring helps you to keep the entire production cycle under control by providing you with valuable information at all times. This makes it easier to reduce inefficiencies and streamline your daily workflow.

A new way of communicating

The production department does not only send data to be entered and processed in the system: the information also reaches the machines. Here they can be easily read and analyzed to perform specific tasks in real time.

Production optimization

just monitoring can define KPIs as operator and machine performance, the relationship between theoretical and actual production, the specific reasons for machines’ downtime, OEE... These parameters can be used to develop a variety of reports, graphs and analyses to guide efficiency on the production line.


just monitoring has the ability to track different types of data collected from a wide variety of machines, also located in multiple departments. Companies can determine from production departments the "reasons for stoppages" they want to analyze.

Reports’ Customizing and Cloud Storage

The reports, which can be defined by the user, can be generated by consulting data in real time and are created starting from each single field that contains data also referring to past months or years. These reports can also be used on the Cloud and through tablets and smartphones.

Lean Manufacturing

just monitoring can help in the construction of a Lean Manufacturing model, structured on the business needs. What's more, the Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI) methodology can be easily implemented across all departments.

Touch screen devices

just monitoring uses industrial PCs and touch screen devices. They are perfectly integrated for direct use by business users and allow easier interaction through the graphical interface.

Just monitoring for the manufacturing sector

just monitoring simplifies decision-making processes, even “just in time”, through real-time visualization of the production status. As it can also be used through electronic devices of common use (tablets, smartphones), operators can intervene very quickly in the insertion of alarms and statements. It allows you to analyse KPIs and organize plants’ maintenance for an optimal production efficiency, even through artificial intelligence systems.

Key Feature & Advantages

  • May be integrated with any management and production control system
  • Real-time monitoring of the various production departments with sending production parameters to the machines and highlighting any deviations

  • Collecting data from departments, creating customised reports and historical archives and simplifying, speeding up, and streamlining decision-making processes
  • Lean Manufacturing KPI - OEE management - AI: definition of an alarm system for prevention of machine stoppages, organisation of plant maintenance, increased profitability

just MES, born to be complete and easy

The whole system is based on Microsoft technologies. This means that all the implementations and customizations within the corporate infrastructure will be extremely simple, guided and user friendly.
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