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What is the MES system?

Manufacturing Execution System

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software system that manages and optimizes, at like-for-like resources, a company's production process.

It has become a pillar of Lean Production as it furthers businesses on the path to operational excellence.

The information gathered at the various stages of production (new product conception, planning, production system monitoring, quality control) is provided in real time to the various departments, which therefore have a complete overview of the situation and can act immediately where critical issues arise.

This data is then finally sent to the company’s existing management systems.

The MES system optimises logistics and resource management/control processes, meeting the interconnection requirement of the Industry 4.0 Plan. This allows access to major tax benefits on the purchase of the software and the machinery monitored.

Features and benefits of an MES system

The MES is an interfaceable and interoperable system that supports several functions.


  • Interaction between departments and resource distribution internally and externally to the company
  • Calculation of budget and final costs through simulations on the bill of materials, cycles and resources
  • Production planning with visibility of actual resources and related cost and profitability optimisation
  • Creation of complete reports with machine status analysis
  • Automatic advance of production phases through the collection, in real time, of data from machinery
  • Real-time reprogramming of production in case of discrepancies from planned times (alert activation)
  • Preventive and extraordinary maintenance coordination through monitoring of production machines
  • KPI and OEE management according to a Lean Manufacturing system

MES systems can be accessed from any device and ensure clear and accurate information on the processing status of an order, on the delivery on schedule of supplies and the origin of raw materials.

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