Our software solutions for the Glass sector

Glass is a solidified liquid that forms when silica, soda and lime are melted by a sharp rise in temperature and then cooled. It is one of the oldest known production materials, and is used in a great variety of applications in various sectors, from R&D to telecommunications technology, food and beverages, cosmetics packaging, architecture, solar panels, and so on.

Just like in other manufacturing sectors, sustainability issues are an important challenge for the glass industry. It is therefore essential to monitor production plants in order to optimize operational temperatures, energy savings, waste reductions and raw materials consumption.

just MES supports companies in this sector throughout the various production phases, from modelling to blowing, spinning, glass wool production, moulding and finishing, by facilitating the creation of new product data sheets, production planning and plant monitoring, and the sharing of real-time data between departments, in order to optimize production parameters and intervene immediately in the case of any emerging anomalies or criticalities.

Just mes modules for the Glass sector

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