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Enhance your products

just quality control, a valid ally to increase the value of your products.

just quality control is an efficient system to monitor the quality of your products and, consequently, increase your customers' level of satisfaction.

Integration of weaving data

The information needed by just quality control is automatically shared by the weaving department and sent, after control, to the central system.

Increase in customer satisfaction

Manufacturing of defective items costs money in terms of consumer satisfaction: just quality control can be easily configured to follow customer demands and quality definition.

Supply-chain optimization

Internal control and reclassification of pieces becomes an additional advantage made available to the management allowing to optimize the consumption of raw material.

Reports' Customizing and Cloud Storage

User definable reports can be generated consulting the data in real time and are created starting from every single field that contains data also referred to months or years passed. These reports are also available on the Cloud and via tablets and smartphones.

Touch screen devices

just quality control uses industrial PCs and touch screen devices. They are perfectly integrated for direct use by business users and allow easier interaction through the graphical interface.

Support in critical decisions

The entire quality control department can be viewed on a single screen while activities are in progress. Any information related to previously analyzed fabrics can be easily found and verified.

Just quality control for the Textile and Apparel sector

Interactive and complete quality control of raw and finished fabric to keep the supply chain under control and define the value of your product.

Key Feature & Advantages

  • Machinery situation visible in real-time
  • Organisation and graphical representation of collected data by category, generation of analytical reports, creation of a historical archive
  • Flexible assignment of machines, operators, shifts and schedules
  • Defect definition based on end-customer standards. Fast and intuitive defect data-entry, creation of custom labels for each individual customer
  • User-level security
  • Reducing business costs and increasing production efficiency

just MES, born to be complete and easy

The whole system is based on Microsoft technologies. This means that all the implementations and customizations within the corporate infrastructure will be extremely simple, guided and user friendly.
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