just planning, plans success through strategic simplification

just planning is an essential ally that can help you plan your entire production chain.
Thanks to its solid core, it is able to extract real time information for: production planning, feasibility studies, materials analysis and simulations with different scenarios according to different needs.

  • Gestione della filiera

    Production chain management

    Plans the entire production chain, whether local or distributed across multiple sites, with specific control of critical issues through interactive Gantt or Perth charts.

  • Identificazione delle criticit√†

    Identification of critical points

    The historical analysis and the algorithms of just planning allow to find the optimal load of the machinery considering setting times, delivery dates, efficiency, priorities, etc.. being able to act also on the different parameters for each department.

  • Scenari migliori

    Best Scenarios

    The functionalities of the test environments allow users to simulate different scenarios, providing planners and management with more confidence in the decisions to be implemented before finalizing them on the production plans.

  • Gestione approvvigionamenti

    Product data management

    just planning can suggest the materials that need to be purchased, based on security stock and production order requirements. This means avoiding the complete exhaustion of the products in stock and therefore gain in efficiency.

  • Ottimizzazione dei tempi consegna

    Delivery time optimization

    The system's internal feasibility analysis allows planners to decide what can and cannot be done, considering all the possibilities. Receiving reports in real time is important to give full confidence to the sales office and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Diversificare la pianificazione

    Diversifying planning

    Different methods can be used for planning: finite capacity, finite capacity with lead-time, infinite capacity. Scheduling can be carried out even if materials are not available and, if necessary, a graphic indication will indicate the problem.

Key features

  • Control and improvement of manufacturing processes
  • Reduction of inefficiencies generated by manual systems
  • Greater precision and adherence to delivery times
  • More efficient management of all resources
  • “What If” analysis, to support production scenarios

key advantages

  • Planning through graphical interface
  • “Out of time orders” alarms
  • “Material Lack” Alarms
  • Display of delays caused by out of order machines
  • Off-line ‘Simulation’ mode
  • Generation of working documents
  • Wide range of reports in visualization and printing (machine situation, dispositions, articles, customer orders, article changes)
  • Creation of production orders associated with customer orders
  • Management of warehouses for finished and semi-finished products and raw materials
  • Warehouse management using additional dimensions such as lot, party; with functions of insertion, cancellation, visualization, printing, withdrawal

Microsoft ready

just plannng, like the rest of the suite, has been developed on Microsoft technology, the most widespread in businesses.

This means that all implementations and customizations within the company infrastructure are extremely simple and compatibility with other systems guaranteed.

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